At Key Schoen Law in Louisville, Mr. Schoen makes the complex easier to understand in Estate and Trust administration and can help with common-sense Estate and/ or Trust planning.

Probated Estates

The Probate process can be inexpensive and straightforward for an experienced attorney. Key Schoen’s experience with Probated Estate administration will help you navigate the process. Unlike many other states, Kentucky’s probate system allows for a relatively quick and less costly experience. Mr. Schoen’s background in litigation, and specifically in estate litigation, helps clients handle probate matter timely and cost effectively.

trust matters

Key Schoen enjoys helping clients take on the role of Trustee of a Trust. Mr. Schoen equally enjoys taking the complicated language of the Trust and distilling it into plain and understandable terms. If you need help and/ or have reason to believe someone connected to the Trust is behaving improperly, give him a call.

estate planning

Mr. Schoen’s office certainly can help you with Estate Planning.


a lawyer that sticks to his strengths

Key Schoen’s practice is focused on Estate/ Trust administration. If disputes and/or problem arise, he certainly has the experience to handle. Key Schoen is proud to be considered “a lawyer’s lawyer,” as he regularly serves as litigation counsel for estate/ trust planning attorneys and handles referrals from them. In fact, lawyers have asked Mr. Schoen to act as a Mediator to disputes in this area of the law.

Key Schoen came to practice Probate/ Trust administration law from his experience in Estate/ Trust litigation cases. His litigation experience distinguishes Key Schoen from other attorneys in this area of the law.

When estate and/ or trust disputes occur, Key Schoen’s experience matters. The opposing counsel knows that Key Schoen is prepared and able to stand up legally for his clients.

You can learn more about Key Schoen’s work experience and education on Key Schoen’s attorney profile page.

Do You Have a Legitimate Dispute?

Potential estate disputes are sometimes obvious, and sometimes not. Many people hesitate to pursue legal advice and/or action because they are uncertain what to do. Key Schoen can provide a candid assessment of your situation during a phone consultation or meeting.

More Than 30 Years of Litigation Experience

Legal disputes involving estates/ trusts are unique. Key Schoen’s focus in this area, with over 30 years of litigation experience, sets him apart from other Kentucky attorneys.

In 2004, a Will contest case came to Key Schoen that changed the course of his career. This case required diligence, confidence, and a tenacity that he continues to bring to every case. See Amos v. Clubb case at Key Schoen Profile “Career Highlights”.

Key Schoen represents clients regarding Estate and Trust Administration, to include disputes if/ when they arise, and litigation when necessary.

Representing Out-Of-State Clients

It is not uncommon for a personal representative of an estate, or someone who wishes to confront the administration of an Estate or Trust, to live outside of Kentucky. Key Schoen Law provides a full range of legal services to out-of-state residents.