It’s difficult to find a Kentucky Probate Estate and Trust administration lawyer who also has an extensive public record of demonstrated excellence, but at Key Schoen Law in Louisville that is exactly what you get.

Since earning his law degree from the University of Kentucky in 1990, Key Schoen became a trial lawyer. Mr. Schoen spent his first five years following law school in the U.S. Army working as trial and appellate counsel with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps. See Key Schoen’s profile.

He continued his litigation practice with private law firms in Louisville for the next 25 plus years with an ever-increasing focus on Estate matters. In fact, during the last 15 years, Key Schoen’s practice has evolved entirely into Estate and Trust matters. He now derives great satisfaction from helping his clients as an Executor/ Executrix in charge of administering an estate, or as a Trustee administering a Trust. Moreover, if necessary, Key Schoen loves defending his clients, and has a career-long public history of doing just that.

Mr. Schoen has had numerous successes at both the trial court and appellate court levels during his career. In fact, in 2017 Key Schoen was recognized for a Lifetime Achievement Award as “America’s Top 100 Attorneys for Kentucky”. See Key Schoen Profile at “Awards and Recognition”. Key Schoen Law now focuses entirely on bringing the same commitment to excellence in helping his clients in Estate/ Trust matters avoid problems where they can; resolve those problems that cannot be avoided; and defend his clients if necessary. Most recently, Mr. Schoen’s clients’ won a case before the Kentucky Supreme Court in September 2022 – see Key Schoen Profile “Career Highlights” at Goff v. Edwards, 2021-SC-0452-MR.

You can also learn more about Key Schoen’s work experience and education at Key Schoen’s profile.


Call Key Schoen’s Assistant Keith Porter at (502) 589-0077.  Mr. Porter is excellent at what he does – help Mr. Schoen, and his clients.

“I take pride in having Keith Porter as my Assistant. You will not find a more conscientious, polite, and effective person. In fact, since I hired Keith Porter, our office has received only five (5) star reviews from clients.”

– Attorney Key Schoen